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How to be a successful entrepreneur

There is a thin layer line between SUCCESS & FAILURE and that line is a road must be followed to achieve the desire that everyone has but only reach their destination & get it.
     The desire is a burning in our heart but only a few realize & out a very little piece of these people of actually get to their Destiny, Success…      These people are called Successful Gentleman & the whole world know their name. These people fight the world & achieve what they want..Some are individuals and some achieve in a group.  As MR. BILL GATES said,

“If you are born poor it is not your fault but if you die poor, it is your fault “

    If you talk about that thin line, it means you should do all your best efforts to the positive side it, SUCCESS, otherwise, you will yourself on the negative side,i.e, FAILURE.
 when the roads are hard, people think about choosing the best option, i.e, giving up but that is not the best option,actually, it’s the worst option. The best option is to stand up & fight, fight until you get what you won’t know, it’s never too late to do it until you late it knowingly. So, find the purpose of your life & start doing it, start walking on that thin line.

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